Baumalog becomes partner of Modula – global storage systems producer

We are pleased to inform that Baumalog Sp. z o.o. started an official co-operation with Italian company Modula S.p.A., which manufactures various modular automatic storage systems, used in many industries and sectors.

Baumalog became an authorised dealer of Modula’s products and is officially allowed to carry out assembly and service actions concerning Modula’s automatic storage systems.
Thanks to network of branches and trade contacts, both companies will supplement their own product offer.

Modula manufactures several types of automatic storage systems mainly for lightweight and small articles. In typical configuration, maximum shelf capacity amounts to 1 ton and maximum shelf width amounts to 4.1 m. Modula systems are produced in batches and their manufacturing is heavily automatized, which helps to limit costs of final product.
Baumalog manufactures automated storage systems for storing large, oversized and heavy goods, e.g. plates, sheets, rods, profiles, and pipes. These systems can be joined together and their total capacity may reach even several hundreds of tons. Moreover, they may be incorporated into technological lines. In typical configuration, maximum shelf capacity amounts to 5 tons and maximum shelf width amounts to 15 m. Baumalog’s systems are always designed and engineered according to specific requirements of the customer.

Modula is a branch of the company System Logistics, belonging to System Group. It has been producing lift storage racks since 1987. Modula employs 250 workers in two works: in Italy (Salvaterra di Casalgrande, Reggio Emilia) and in the U.S. (Lewiston, Maine). Moreover, it has 13 branches in Europe, both Americas, Asia, and Africa, supported by network of almost 50 authorised dealers. As a part of System Group, Modula is supported by other Group’s companies, employing more than 1300 people in over 30 countries.

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