Smart WMS Production

The implementation of Smart WMS Production software allows for optimisation of material flow in the production process. In accordance with the idea of Industry 4.0, it allows to effectively manage production, which increases its efficiency. Automation of processes, monitoring of machine operation, warehouse management, inventory and production process management are just some of the benefits arising from the implementation of Smart WMS Production.


The Smart WMS Production software is the Smart WMS Advanced module extended by specific customer requirements. Like SmartFlow System, with which we always deliver it, it is each time designed with the specificity of the production process and the client’s needs in mind.


In addition to all the features, Smart WMS Production allows to:

  • creation of a catalogue of devices together with their operating parameters
  • manual production planning for individual machines
  • automatic assignment of orders to machines (production planning wizard with optimisation)
  • creation of material requirement reports
  • generation of productivity and machine occupancy reports

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