SmartFlow system – automated steel sheet processing

SmartFlow System is a solution for automated steel sheet processing. It consists of an automated loading and unloading of laser cutting machines and an automated steel sheets storage system. The system can process multiple laser cutting machines simultaneously enabling the full use of cutting speed and the high efficiency of manufacturing. Every time we design the system we take into consideration the specific needs of the client and character of manufacturing process.

Elements of the SmartFlow System:

  • storage module – automated steel sheet storage system (MonoTower®, TwinTower®, TransferTower or MultiTower) – configuration adjusted to the client needs
  • transport module – MultiLoader loading-unloading module
  • station for the transport of cut pieces
  • software that manages material flow and the cutting process

SmartFlow System laser cutting machine automation

SmartFlow System


  • organized material flow in the cutting process
  • automated steel sheets processing
  • elimination of downtimes
  • full use of the cutting speed of the laser cutting machines
  • efficient use of production space
  • increased manufacturing efficiency
  • increased work safety
  • limited forklift use

Features of the SmartFlow System

  • designed for process sheets of dimensions 3m x 1.5m, 4m x 2m, 6m x 2m
  • possible integration with various brand of laser cutting machines
  • modular construction enables to adjust the system anytime to the clients specific individual needs
  • possible extention of the system in the future
  • possible processing of multiple laser cutting machines simultaneously
  • short material changing time
  • independend loading and unloading module
  • possible loading of steel sheets and unloading of cut pieces without the need of stoping the transport system
  • different available configurations of automated storage systems (MonoTower®,TwinTower®,TransferTower or MultiTower)
  • dedicated Smart WMS Production software for manufacturing management
  • flexibility in cut pieces material flow

Technical data

Max. sheet dimension 3 m x 1.5 m 4 m x 2 m 6 m x 2 m
Max. sheet weight 900 kg 1600 kg 2300 kg
Max. sheet thickness 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm

Operating principles

The animation shows SmartFlow System in configuration with TransferTower automated storage system, MultiLoader loading-unloading system for processing 3 laser cutting machines and 3 transport stations for cut pieces delivery to the operators. All the system elements work independend and simultaneously what allows to fully automate the production process.

Sample configurations

Selected projects

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