Smart WMS Standard

Smart WMS Standard is the optimum warehouse management software. It controls the storage of materials and processed components/semi-finished products as well as the process of supplying production machines with material (e.g. sheets or profiles). Smart WMS Standard, thanks to its intuitive operation, allows for quick and easy management of the stored materials.

Control functions available on the operator panel

  • graphic view of the storage system
  • transport of shelves by number
  • shelves management (add, delete, reorganise)
  • service and diagnostics module
  • shelf load control
  • possibility of remote assistance


Smart WMS Standard functions available on the operator panel

  •     articles catalogue
  •     management of material types
  •     stock management
  •     material batch handling
  •     inventory taking
  •     stock turnover history
  •     multi-level access control (predefined operator profiles)
  •     interface for integration with ERP, WMS or production machines
  •     manual import/export of the articles database

In addition, we provide the customer with the Smart WMS Viewer application for viewing and managing the article database outside the control panel. With the application installed on PC user can:

  • control stock levels
  • manage the article catalogue
  • manage orders (add, edit) (only in Smart WMS Advanced)
  • carry out an inventory
  • browse through the extensive history of material flow
  • manage user rights
  • data export

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