Smart WMS Advanced

The Smart WMS Advanced module, in addition to all available Smart WMS Standard functions along with the Smart WMS Viewer also includes additional functionalities that allow the user to:

Goods management

  • integration with ERP and WMS systems and production machines using the available interface (file exchange, intermediate databases, WebService)
  • possibility to define minimum states
  • management of external locations (material management outside the automated warehouse)
  • waste management
  • optimization of the storage process (dividing shelves into sections, consideration of storage classes)
  • catalog of articles with support for additional fields (features)
  • choosing the method of settling the material according to FIFO, LIFO, batch, priorities
  • defining detailed and individual access rights for each operator
  • support for printing self-adhesive labels


  • access to inventory reports, material history and location on the operator panel
  • access to inventory reports, material and location history, material demand reports based on minimum stocks and based on the demand for material necessary to execute current orders in the Smart WMS Viewer application
  • the ability to adapt individual reports to the individual needs of the client

Order management

  • order management (selection of an executed order, selection of an executed order line, incomplete picking, preview of completed orders)
  • division and handling of orders on many acces windows in order to increase the efficiency of the picking process
  • possibility to assign an order to a selected acces window or operator

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