OEE index (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). How to calculate and interpret

Ensuring proper utilisation of machine park is one of the key aspects of value creation for companies in the manufacturing sector. High operational efficiency of production machinery leads to higher...
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Automated sheet metal racking system – solution for increasing storage effectiveness

Automated sheet metal racking system is not just about storing a large volume of material in one place. Automation offers the opportunity to shorten time of intralogistic operations, make them...
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Improving production efficiency. The case of steel processing

There are many ways in improving production efficiency that are capable of changing the nature of metal sheet processing. The implementation of production automation systems requires the identification of the...
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Industrial automation in steel industry – our cases of installations

The industrial automation of production requires attention to a number of elements that are key to ensure efficiency throughout highly complex production processes. Today's industrial automation solutions, not only create...
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Sheet metal laser cutting – how to optimise it? The essence of automation in sheet metal processing

Sheet metal laser cutting with a laser can transform production and open up many opportunities. Having a laser cutting machine creates a number of new challenges in ensuring that the...
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Industry 4.0 – what is it and how do we understand it? Highlights of the fourth industrial revolution

Industry 4.0 is a term referring to the fourth industrial revolution, which began with the start of the 21st century. From this point on, digital solutions began to enter the...
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