Sheet metal laser cutting – how to optimise it? The essence of automation in sheet metal processing

Sheet metal laser cutting with a laser can transform production and open up many opportunities. Having a laser cutting machine creates a number of new challenges in ensuring that the laser cutting machine continues to operate and that downtime is minimised. Without a properly designed material flow process to the laser, it is impossible to utilise the full capabilities of the machining device.

Sheet metal laser cutting – what does it involve?

Sheet metal laser cutting is a process that uses a beam of high-energy light, known as a laser, to cut and shape sheet metal or other materials. Concentrated laser light that is directed at the surface of the sheet metal moves along a programmed pattern or path, cutting out the appropriate shape of the component that is used in the next phase of production. The laser beam that moves through the material causes the material to melt or vaporize from the cut area.

Laser sheet metal cutting using laser cutting machine is carried out in a wide range of industries. The process allows the fast and efficient extraction of various components that are needed in subsequent production steps. Laser cutting machines make it possible to precisely cut out complex shapes in a short period of time. Today’s lasers are highly comfortable and safe to work with.

In summary, laser sheet metal cutting allows:

  • precise processing tailored to the needs of the product
  • high speed and efficiency of the sheet metal laser cutting process
  • ensuring cleanliness and minimising waste
  • automation of the cutting process and full control over the cut parts

Laser cutting and material flow challenges

Modern laser cutting machines fully automate the cutting process, but it is worth automating the process of delivering sheet metal to the laser cutting table and collecting cut details to minimize downtime. Manual loading and unloading of the laser by the operator is the simplest, but also the least efficient and least safe way. The flow of material from a specific point to the laser can also be done using a crane, which partially automates the process but takes up more space and does not allow the laser cutting machine to be used to its full potential. The solution we propose to get the most out of the laser cutting machine is automation.

Automated sheet metal processing – what does it offer?

The use of a laser cutting machine requires the design of the material flow to the laser and the cut parts from the cutter table. Without the use of additional system, the work will have to be done by a human operator, which results in the lengthening of the entire technological operation of material exchange on the laser cutting machine table.

The use of an automation system allows for increased efficiency in laser sheet cutting. Both loading and unloading of the laser cutting machine can be done independently and fully automatically. In turn, the sheet transport itself is carried out safely, quickly and effortlessly by the operator, who can control the entire process without being physically involved with the laser cutting machine.

What other benefits can sheet metal laser cutting automation bring?

  • Improved working conditions for machine operators
  • Speeding up the process of loading and unloading the laser cutting machine
  • Increase work safety
  • Minimising downtime of the laser cutting machine

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Our automated systems and sheet metal laser cutting

Our solutions fully support the laser sheet metal processing process. Using the SmartFlow System, the flow of material is optimised in its entirety – from the storage system, through handling the independent loading and unloading of the laser, to the distribution of the cut parts to the appropriate locations on the production floor (storage system or designated end stations). The physical and digital integration of the individual system components plays a key role in optimising the operation of the entire system and achieving high efficiency.

SmartFlow System – intelligent production for your company

In sheet metal laser cutting it is necessary to maintain high productivity as well as production quality, which is crucial for each subsequent production step. Both these aspects can be achieved by automation. A system that automates sheet metal processing, such as the SmartFlow System from Baumalog, comprehensively takes care of the smoothness of production associated with the processing of metal components.

The automation of sheet metal processing – SmartFlow System – includes:

What do you gain with the SmartFlow System?

  • autonomisation of the laser cutting process
  • increase in production efficiency
  • possibility of integration with laser cutting machines from different manufacturers
  • elimination of downtime for the laser cutting machine
  • increase in work safety
  • creation of new specialised workplaces

SmartFlow System fully optimises laser sheet metal cutting, while allowing the system to be adapted to the spatial possibilities of the production hall and the material to be processed. The SmartFlow System allows the optimisation of sheet flow with dimensions of 3 m 1.5 m, 4 m x 2 m, 6 m x 2 m, a maximum weight of 900 to 2300 kg and a thickness of up to 25 mm. The modular design allows the system to be expanded at a later date to suit the needs of the company (e.g. when the machine park is expanded with another laser).

Sheet metal laser cutting – choose the specialists in the industry

Our company specialises in the designing, constructing, producing and implementing automated systems supporting sheet metal laser cutting for manufacturing companies in various industries. We provide professional support at every stage of the project – from the first contact, through agreeing technical details, installation and commissioning, to after-sales and service support.

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