We design, manufacture and launch solutions that enable automation, mainly processing of sheet metal, long goods, materials of large masses and dimensions, as well as increasing the efficiency of processes related to internal logistics. We optimize the flow of materials both in the production process and at the stage of completion and shipment.


We offer optimal solutions tailored to the client’s needs and help at every stage of the project. The modularity of our automated storage systems and production automation allow for future expansion, and the possibility of integration with other machines and software ensures flexibility.

Process analysis and
defining the needs

the optimal solution

Design and

Installation and


Service and
after-sales support


Below we present examples of our implementations in the field of automated storage systems and automation of material flow.

Let's talk about automation

If you are interested in our solutions and are wondering how to improve production and warehouse processes in your company, write to us! Our specialists provide assistance at every stage - from concept planning to operation.

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We are proud to present some companies and institutions that trusted in our experience and use our solutions.

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