Long goods storage


The Croatian company Fero-Term is a regional leader in interior design and furnishing. The company’s offer includes ceramic and porcelain tiles, fittings, radiators, air conditioners and solar systems.


With the rapid development and expansion of product range, Fero-Term faced the challenge of optimizing and automating its warehouse processes, including storage of long goods such as pipes and metal bars. For this purpose, company decided to implement the TwinTower® automated storage system with shelves with a useful length of 6200 mm.
Due to the limited space inside the warehouse, the best solution was to install the TwinTower® next to the building and to cover it with a sandwich panels. The TwinTower® delivered to the Croatian company measures almost 15 metres and is significantly higher than the adjacent building. This has allowed a large storage capacity and saved space inside the hall. The TwinTower® long goods automated storage system is equipped with 49 movable shelves with a load capacity of 1500 kg each, which allows storing over 73 tons of long items with quick and easy access. The system was delivered with Baumalog control software and integrated with Fero-Term’s WMS. The implementation of the TwinTower®, in addition to significant space saving, has resulted in reduced picking time and increased work safety.

Technical data

Parameter Value
System height 14 800 [mm]
Shelf lenght/width 6 200/850 [mm]
Shelf capacity 1 500 [kg]
Number of shelves 49
Total capacity 73 500 [kg]

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