MultiTower® automated storage system with stacker crane

The MultiTower® system is designed to store large quantities of goods like profiles, bars, rods or pipes. The system consists of multiple storage columns that are operated by the stacker crane that drives on the driving track. The stacker crane transports shelves into the loading-unloading station, there can be multiple loading-unloading stations inside the system and they can move in different directions delivering material to pick or directly to the production machines.

Baumalog software, depending on the chosen configuration, allows for e.g. integration with ERP and WMS systems and running comprehensive warehouse management (e.g. controlling minimum stocks, locations, handling orders in electronic form, ensuring the FIFO rule).

MultiTower For Long Goods


  • increased material flow and manufacturing efficiency
  • reduction of warehouse space up to 89%
  • no need of using forklifts between the machines in the technology line
  • easy and quick access to stored goods
  • goods are stored in a safe and organized way
  • possible integration with other machines in the technology line
  • control over warehouse and manufacturing processes possible  due to integration with ERP and WMS systems
  • work safety increased

Features of the MultiTower®system

  • max. shelf capacity – 5 000 kg
  • max. system height – 20 m
  • max. length of system even to a few hundred meters
  • max. capacity of system even to a few thousand tons
  • possibility to store long goods up to 12 m
  • modular construction allows to expand the system in the future
  • optional hydraulic lifting device that allows to lift up profile bundles
  • possible outdoor installation
  • possible different height shelf configuration
  • possible goods separation inside the shelf with pins that can be removed and placed in different positions
  • possible system equipped in stations driving outside the building
  • possible quantity and configuration of stations customized to client needs
  • intuitive and easy to control software by Baumalog that enables integration with ERP and WMS systems

Operating principles

The animation shows: delivery of new profiles to a shelf located at the loading-unloading station, which moves outside the building – transport of the shelf with articles to the storage column via a stacker crane – picking up the next shelf with a stacker crane – transporting the shelf to the loading-unloading station – picking up bundles with profiles using a crane and delivery to the laser cutting machine.

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