Storage of profiles and rods


Retech specializes in the processing of stainless steel and the production of electrotechnical equipment.


MultiTower automated storage system with stacker crane for storing pipes, rods and profiles up to 6 meters long. The installation consists of a supporting structure with two rows of shelves with 5 columns, a mobile loading station (outside the hall) and 2 unloading stations cooperating with gantries and laser cutters for pipes (inside the hall).

Everything works in automatic mode, for example if the command is given by the operator on the control panel, the required items are transported to one of the unloading stations in less than 2 minutes.

The IT system allows for full control of inventory, minimum statuses, location management, order fulfillment (completion, picking, returns, loading), management and differentiation of operators based on the use of logins and passwords and includes a service and diagnostic module providing full control over the technical side of the warehouse enabling you to work without downtimes or malfunctions.

Technical data

Parameter Value
System height 8000 [mm]
Shelf lenght/width 6200/450 [mm]
Shelf capacity 1750[kg]
Number of shelves 68
Total capacity 119000 [kg]


Film showing MultiTower automated storage system with stacker crane used in the Retech company.

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