Automated sheet metal storage


Hydrog is a company that is the largest producer in Poland and one of the largest in Europe of specialist road, municipal and rail machines.


Hydrog has an advanced machine park, among others modern CNC machining centers, laser and plasma cutters, spray booths, CNC presses, modern crane equipment as well as measuring and laboratory equipment. Due to the development of the company and the construction of a new hall, the company decided to create an automatic sheet metal warehouse that is used to manufacture the machines available in the offer. Proper material organization, quantity control and fast flow ensure high efficiency and repeatability of production. The system by which the company decided to automate the storage of 3 x 1.5 meters sheets is the TwinTower® automated storage system.

The TwinTower® delivered to the Hydrog company consists of two storage columns, extractor transporting shelves and a mobile station with a hydraulic lifting system for separating sheets from pallets. The TwinTower® metal sheet warehouse holds 78 shelves with a capacity of 3 tons each, that allows storage 234 tons of metal sheets, which are easily and quickly available for further processing.

Technical data

Parameter Value
System height 9 100 [mm]
Shelf lenght/width 3 100/1 560 [mm]
Shelf capacity 3 000 [kg]
Number of shelves 78
Total capacity 234 000 [kg]

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