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NORD Napędy Zakłady Produkcyjne company is a part of the Getriebebau Nord – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drive technology for mechanical and electronic devices.


Due to the dynamic development of the Polish branch of company NORD, it was necessary to increase and optimize the storage space to store steel rods, used for the production of, among others, shafts. By tender, it was decided to use the TwinTower automated storage system from the Baumalog offer. The TwinTower designed for the NORD company consists of two storage columns, 43 movable trays for storing steel rods with a maximum length of 3100 mm and a transport column in which the elevator transporting trays between the storage columns and the mobile loading and unloading station moving on the track built into the floor.

The loading of rods bundles to the trays takes place using a forklift or lifting device, while the unloading takes place manually or with the crane.

The TwinTower automated storage system is equiped with 43 trays with a capacity of 2500 kg each – it enables to store 107,5 tonnes of various steel rods on a small surface (less than 22 sq m), with quick (less than 3 minutes) and easy access to them.
Warehouse management is ensured by the Smart WMS Standard software equipped with a control panel ensuring full control over stock level and material flow (including orders fulfillment) using an extensive database, granting access rights to operators and full diagnostics (also in remote mode) of drive systems and automation.


Technical data

Parameter Value
System height 8100 [mm]
Shelf lenght/width 3200/700 [mm]
Shelf capacity 2500 [kg]
Number of shelves 43
Total capacity 107 500 [kg]

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