TwinTower profiles storage systems


Ponzio specialises in the production and design of modern and environmentally friendly aluminium building systems. Ponzio has a modern production plant including paint and anodising plants that are among the largest in Europe.


In order to better coordinate work and optimize storage space, Ponzio decided to implement an automated storage system consisting of two TwinTower for storing profiles in baskets. The system has 49 shelves with dimensions of 7000 mm x 800 mm and a load capacity of 1500 kg, which allow 73,5 tons of profiles to be stored in an easy way. Extractor ,moving inside the storage, supply the shelves to two loading-unloading stations, where the station moving along the long side of the shelf can serve both systems. TwinTowers are designed to create a buffer for the paint shop, which will relieve the picking department during the daily order peaks. Two loading-unloading stations moving in different directions provide easy access to a wide range goods. The implementation of the system, in addition to significant space savings, has resulted in shorter picking times and increased work safety. Storage management is carried out through the WMS Standard software with two operator panels, providing full control over stock levels.


Technical data

Parameter Value
System height 16 050 [mm]
Shelf lenght/width 7 000/800 [mm]
Shelf capacity 1 500 [kg]
Number of shelves 49
Total capacity 73 500 [kg]

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