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Aluprof S.A. belongs to Grupa Kapitałowa Kęty S.A. and is a European leading producer of aluminium systems. It has been consistently strengthening its leader position, investing in innovative techniques, technologies, and machinery.


Due to increasing sales and necessity to improve the efficiency of logistic process, the factory in Bielsko-Biała implemented an automated order completing system. System consists of six TwinTower® automated systems, equipped in totally 108 shelves, adopted to store pallets with 7 m long profiles. Loading and unloading is executed in access windows incorporated into the body of the rack, in its opposite sides. On the loading side, shelves are filled, with use of multi-directional side-loaders, with stock of profiles necessary to carry out the production plan. On the unloading side, production employees, without necessary to use the forklift, collect selected types of profiles. Windows contains mechanism tilting the shelf to make the unloading process more comfortable and ergonomic. In order to make the work more safe and ergonomic, racks are equipped with automatic door, closing access to internal column, where the elevator moves shelves with selected profiles.

The automatic picking zone is controlled by Baumalog software, fully integrated with the ERP system (BAAN). It coordinates the work of the storage system in such a way that they transport the necessary materials to the access windows in the shortest possible time. Picking begins when the order is placed for execution. The ERP system generates a picking list that is read by the Baumalog software that controls the storage system. Then the operator scans the number of the picking list with the barcode terminal and confirms the start of picking. Immediately after that, the system bring shelves with the indicated articles, and the operator, following the instructions, takes profiles from the next shelves in the indicated unloading windows. The operator confirms each subsequent download by scanning the article code and then the location code. As soon as the download is complete, the elevators return the shelves to their location in the TwinTower®. If necessary, the software allows to download articles out of sequence, then the sequence given by Baumalog is a proposed path. The download recorded by the software is simultaneously identified by the ERP system.

Technical data

Parameter Value
System height 9580 [mm]
Shelf lenght/width 7300/700 [mm]
Shelf capacity 1000 [kg]
Number of shelves 18
Total capacity 18 000 [kg]


Video showing functioning of  TwinTower® system used to store aluminium profiles in the Aluprof S.A. company

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