Storage of printing sleeves


Marma Polskie Folie company is one of the largest plastic manufacturer in Europe, specialising in the production of products for agriculture, horticulture, construction and packaging.


Marma has a modern printing shop, where inscriptions are made, among others, on foils. Due to the wide range of products, it was necessary to create a modern and capacious storage for photopolymer forms and printing sleeves used in the printing process. One of the key requirements was to ensure easy and quick access to the stored materials. The Modula VLM proved to be the ideal solution. 8 Modula systems, measuring 7900 mm each, equipped with Modula WMS Premium storage software, provides easy article management and integration with the ERP system. Printing sleeves and moulds are stored safely, without exposure to dirt or damage, with the possibility of limiting access to specific employees, and the retrieval of the correct article is confirmed by a wireless barcode reader.
Four Modula ML25D and four MX25D systems deliver printing tools to access windows that are at the optimum height for operator ergonomics, without the need to walk and search around the warehouse.


Technical data

Parameter Value
System height 7 900 [mm]
Shelf lenght/width 4 100/857 and 3 100/857 [mm]
Shelf capacity 250 [kg]
Number of shelves 32 to 171
Total capacity 8 000 to 42 750 [kg]

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