ITM Industry Europe 2024 is behind us! Summary of the trade fair

The ITM Industry Europe trade fair is behind us, where we once again had the opportunity to present our product portfolio of storage and material flow automation systems with our flagship solution, the SmartFlow System, which automates the operation of up to several laser cutting machines integrated with an automated storage system and tailored access points to allow material flow out of the process line. Visitors to our stand could see how the SmartFlow System works. We have demonstrated this through a miniature 3D model which illustrates how the loading and unloading system of two laser cutting machines for cutting sheet metal works.

The rising importance of automation

The systems responsible for automating processes on production and warehouse floors provide the opportunity to improve operational efficiency in many areas – storage, internal transport or the delivery of material to laser cutting machines and the collection of cut parts. “-Automation of storage and material handling processes is increasingly important for many companies that are looking for solutions to improve production and storage efficiency. Using the SmartFlow System as an example, we show our customers how automating the process allows them to take maximum advantage of the cutting speed, releasing additional production capacity without the need to expand the machine park with more laser cutting machines.” – says Bartosz Nowosad from Baumalog.

The ITM Industry Europe trade fair allowed us to present our range of automated storage systems. Our offer includes automated storage systems in many configurations – designed for storing sheet metal, long elements such as profiles, pipes, bars or large tools. Automating the storage process offers many possibilities – saving storage space and increasing the efficiency of the entire process by, among other things, reducing the role of forklift trucks.

We would like to thank all the visitors – our customers and partners- and all the interested guests who met us for the first time. We are glad that we were again able to present our offer at the ITM trade fair and talk about the importance of automating the cutting and storage process.

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