“Bronze VECTOR” for the Baumalog Team. Award from Igus Polska

On Tuesday 18 June, we attended a press conference organised by Igus Polska – a long-standing supplier of our company, for the cable guides we use in our systems. The conference was an opportunity to present awards in the next edition of the VECTOR Poland 2024 competition. The most interesting and innovative applications of cable guides and other solutions from Igus were nominated in the competition. We are pleased to announce that we took 3rd place in this year’s edition of the competition, receiving the ‘Bronze Vector’.

We received an award for solutions that enable the loading and unloading stations of our automated sheet metal storage systems to move on long distances, up to 55 metres. Such a solution was used in two of our realisations.

At Axito (Uhlmann Group), in the TwinTower automated storage system launched in 2022, the loading and unloading station moves along an 11-metre track. This is made possible by the e-spool guide, in which the cables are rolled up on a special spool that saves space for cable routing. At the same time, the guide, which unwinds over a long distance, does not impede movement across the storage area.

At Protech, we implemented the TransferTower automated storage system in 2023, which is connected to the laser cutting area for cutting sheet metal, a special buffer station responsible for delivering shelves of material to designated points on the shop floor. The buffer station moves along a track of more than 40 metres. In this case, using a suitable guide (autoglide) was crucial for the smooth operation of the entire system.

We are glad that we could visit the headquarters of igus Poland and present the solutions we create for our customers. The award is the result of the work of our entire Team.


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