Storage of dies


The GEFEST group of companies is engaged in release of modern kitchen household appliances with high consumer properties. The main activities are production of gas, gas-electric, electric stoves, the built-in equipment and air cleaners of the GEFEST trademark.


Designed and implemented by Baumalog MultiTower automated storage system with stacker crane solves problem with storage dies. Thanks to such solution, in additon to free up space in production hall, quick and easy access to each of dies was allowed. The system consist of steel support structure with a height of almost 11 m, in which the stacker crane moves. The system is equipped with 127 trays broken down in 4 types and maximum capacity 3700 kg. In addition, system is equipped with a mobile loading-unloading station moving on rails, allowing loading and unloading of dies with the gantry. The storage system is equipped with Smart WMS Standard software that provides the support of the necessary database and the ability to carry out basic operations: loading, transport and unloading as well as full diagnostics and manual movements of all drives. In order to shorten the working time, stacker crane moves  trays simultaneously in two directions, vertically and horizontally (diagonally).

Technical data

Parameter Value
System height 11000 [mm]
Shelf lenght/width 1600/900 i 1200 [mm]
Shelf capacity 3700 [kg]
Number of shelves 127
Total capacity 470 000 [kg]


Video showing functioning of MultiTower automated storage system with stacker crane used to store dies in the Gefest company.

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