Storage of semi-finished products


voestalpine High Performance Metals is a world leader in the segment of a tool and special steels and welding products. The company’s hardening service plant, located in Łomianki, specializes in mechanical , thermal, gas and plasma nitriding of tool steels for demanding applications. The main customers of the company are tools shops and companies from automotive industry.


In production processes Voestalpine uses steels forms of various sizes, weights and grades – this is why the company was looking for a solution that would organize stored materials, optimize the warehouse space and enable quick and easy access to goods. The Modula Lift VLM proved to be the perfect solution for this purpose

The Modula delivered to voestalpine measures 6.9 meters and uses the entire height of the room. The system has 49 trays with the usable dimensions of 1860 mm x 857 mm and the load capacity of 990 kg, which enables the storage of over 48 tons of materials. Additionally, the voestalpine company chose a version with an external picking bay to pick up a heavier materials with a pillar crane.

Due to the fact that stored materials have complicated markings and are difficult to distinguish, the Modula is equipped with a laser point, an alphanumeric led bar and a barcode reader – these accessories indicate the exact location of the item on the tray and confirm the compliance of the performed operations, which is very helpful for the operator and eliminates the possibility of error to a minimum.

The system is equipped in Modula WMS Premium software that allows for efficient order management (data exchange with SAP system) and product locations, incl. the possibility of generating new storage places for partially used forms.

Technical data

Parameter Value
System height 6900 [mm]
Shelf lenght/width 4058/2317 [mm]
Shelf capacity 990 [kg]
Number of shelves 49
Total capacity 48 510 [kg]

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