Storage of steel plates


Galvasteel, the French company specializing in the production of outdoor advertising elements, wanted to optimize production process and increase work efficiency, decided to expand the machine park with a laser cutter along with an automated storage system. The construction was provided jointly by TCI Cutting from Spain and Baumalog from Poland.


The advanced and working in automatic mode installation for cutting metal sheet is built of a TCI Cutting Smartline Fiber 4020 laser cutter and a MonoTower automated storage system manufactured by Baumalog, both connected by the TCI Loader 3.0 reloading system.

The MonoTower has one storage column and one transport column in which the elevator moves. Its task is to move 15 movable shelves (with usable dimensions of 4 200 mm x 1 550 mm x 80 mm and a capacity of 3800 kg each) between the external loading and unloading station, located at the front of the MonoTower automated storage system, and the storage column. The external loading and unloading station is equipped with a hydraulic lift enabling the separation of metal sheets from the wooden pallet and storing the stack of the sheets on the shelves. Due to the very strict requirements regarding the quality standards of metal sheets, the depalletizing system is equipped with a system that prevents damage in the separation process from pallets. In addition, 5 selected shelves have the option of transporting metal sheets using a forklift truck – without the need to carry it – to, among others, bending presses.

Between the MonoTower and the Smartline Fiber 4020 laser cutter, the metal sheets are transported using the TCI Loader 3.0 – automatic loading system equipped with a vacuum grip.

Technical data

Parameter Value
System height 6140 [mm]
Shelf lenght/width 4200/1500 [mm]
Shelf capacity 3800 [kg]
Number of shelves 15
Total capacity 57 000 [kg]


The video shows the functioning of the system before all shelves are installed.

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