Storage of PVC profiles


The Eko-Okna company is one of the largest manufacturers of window joinery in Europe. The company has been growing on the polish and foreign markets for over 20 years. During this time, it has developed a leading position by introducing advanced technological solutions and expanding the machine park. A wide range of products and large-scale development require the company to implement solutions that allow it to optimize production and constantly increase its efficiency.


In order to optimise the storage space on the hall, we implemented six automated magazines TwinTower for the storage of PVC profiles. All storage systems have an automated loading-unloading station equipped with a safety scanner, fencing on three sides and Smart WMS software with a control panel. It allows inventory control and the process of moving shelves. The TwinTower makes full use of the storage space – it is 11.7 metres high, with a width of 8.5 metres and a depth of 6.25 metres. The entire system has 61 shelves with useful dimensions of 6800 x 1400 x 250 mm and a load capacity of 1000 kg per shelf. The shelves are arranged in two storage columns, between which there is a lift that transports the shelves to the loading and unloading station and the corresponding locations. Each shelf is equipped with 8 adjustable separators, which enable a more precise separation of the stored materials on one shelf.

The automated storage system is equipped with an loading-unloading station on the short side to facilitate the loading of profiles. The mobile station, which stops outside the storage space, runs on a specially developed track integrated in the warehouse floor. The implemented solution has allowed Eko-Okna to significantly improve material flow and storage process, making full use of the available space in the hall.

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