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Spec Kable company distributes cables, wires and all kinds of electrical accessories.


The Modula LIFT MX25D automated storage system has enabled the number of picks by one operator to be increased from 60 to 200/hour, without having to move from place to place. The system was delivered with two picking bays – at the front is the loading window, at the unloading side there is a window with a double delivery system, which significantly reduces the time it takes to change shelves in the bay and enables up to 120 of them to be transported in one hour. Additional picking errors are reduced to a minimum, among others, by the use of the Put to Light system – displays indicate to the operator in what quantity, from where to take and where to put back a particular article. The system is controlled by the dedicated software WMS Modula.


Technical data

Parameter Value
System height 6100 [mm]
Shelf lenght/width 3100/857 [mm]
Shelf capacity 250 [kg]
Number of shelves 33
Total capacity 8250 [kg]

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