Profiles storage system expansion


Protech is a company that manufactures central heating boilers and provides steel processing services.


Three years after the implementation of two TwinTower automated storage sytems, the decision was made to expand the system by two more TwinTower. Systems were connected by a common transport station to a previously installed system. The additional two storage systems accommodate 46 shelves with dimensions of 7100 mm x 620 mm, useful heights of 200 mm and 550 mm and different load capacities, which gives the total load capacity of the automated storage system 164,000 kg. Due to the use of longer shelves a new transport station was used. Thanks to the moveable station, the profiles are loaded from the trucks to the shelves with forklifts outside the building and the materials are available at different locations inside the building. The automated storage system is located between the loading and unloading area, above the rail track on which the moving station carrying the materials moves. The unloading of the profiles at the sawing station and the final workplace of the laser pipe-cutting machine inside the hall is carried out with a column crane and manually. The control system has an extensive database with an easy to use interface – it ensures that the shelves are transported to the selected locations. Baumalog software has been integrated into the ERP storage system ensuring the execution of production orders and automatic delivery of raw materials to individual manufacturing stations. The modularity of the system allowed for easy expansion and further production growth.

Technical data

Parameter Value
System height 8 300  [mm]
Shelf lenght/width 7 100/620 [mm]
Shelf capacity 2 000 and 4 000 [kg]
Number of shelves 46
Total capacity 164 000 [kg]

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