Industrial automation in steel industry – our cases of installations

The industrial automation of production requires attention to a number of elements that are key to ensure efficiency throughout highly complex production processes. Today’s industrial automation solutions, not only create the possibility of autonomous systems on the production hall to speed up processes and increase productivity, but also use data to optimise the storage and flow of large volumes of material. Using our implementation as an example, we demonstrate the benefits of using laser cutting machine for sheet metal combined with automated storage system. 

The modern automation of industrial production is associated with Industry 4.0 solutions – automation combined with software that allows data to be used to improve production processes. The case of our latest installation perfectly reflects the planning possibilities of industrial production automation. At the Swedish company Hammar we designed and implemented automated storage system TwinTower with loading-unloading module (MultiLoader) integrated with an Eagle laser cutting machine.

Automation for increased production volumes – the Hammar example

Hammar is a leading manufacturer of self-loading container trailers that is constantly looking for solutions to improve production efficiency and innovation. In response to the growing needs of the market, the company decided to expand its machine park with new automation systems. In the new production hall, the Eagle laser cutting machine for metal sheets is operated by a MultiLoader loading-unloading module, connected to the automated storage system TwinTower.

The combination of the automated storage system and the production line allows maximum use of the laser’s production capacity. In our latest implementation, we can distinguish three key elements of industrial manufacturing automation which we applied:

  • Automatic loading and unloading of the laser via two independently moving modules (MultiLoader) – a loading module equipped with a set of vacuum suction cups and an unloading module for cut parts with two-element forks
  • A two-level duo station, which smooths the flow of material – both raw sheet metal and cut parts – between the storage system and the laser loading and unloading modules
  • Smart WMS Standard software, which enables effective and efficient communication and data exchange between the laser cutting machine and the automation system

Automation and increased autonomy in production

On any production floor, ensuring the safety of employees is a priority. Automation systems change production to a more autonomous one – allowing production to be carried out continuously without the constant presence of an operator. At the same time, the most dangerous physical work done by operators is eliminated, as the loading and unloading of raw sheet metal and cut-out parts is done independently. Baumalog automation systems have a number of safety systems such as safety curtains and barriers, emergency stop switches or safety controllers to ensure complete safety throughout the production process.

Industrial production automation in Poland – the Expo-Drew example

We implemented a full industrial production automation by optimising the flow of the material inside the production hall in polish Expo-Drew company. The entire system consists of automation of the storage and loading-unloading process of the two laser cutting machines. The Polish manufacturer implemented two laser’s for cutting 3 m x 1.5 m sheets into its hall. In order to optimise production processes, a SmartFlow System was integrated with the laser cutting machines, combining the storage part (TwinTower automated storage system), the transport part (MultiLoader loading and unloading module), uniting the whole through the Smart WMS Standard software to manage the storage and production process.

Industrial automation does not end with the processing phase. It is crucial to plan its flow to efficiently deliver the cut-out details to the next production phases. At Expo-Drew, cut-out parts are deposited on two semi-automated access stations that move outside the system’s working area to the zones from which they are taken by operators.

We have also implemented an automated storage system for long profiles (TransferTower) in the same production hall, which is responsible for the efficient storage and transport of the material shelf to the processing machine area. The loading and unloading station is equipped with a special hydraulic lift, which allows the shelves to be lifted, making it easier to retrieve and replenish articles. Thanks to the storage and material flow automation solutions used, a repetitive and logistically difficult process has become an opportunity to develop a competitive advantage for the customer.

The industrial production automation requires many aspects of the entire material flow process to be taken into account in order to be able to fully streamline the process and eliminate any bottlenecks that may hinder fully efficient production.

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  • storage automation
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