Expansion the MultiTower storage system with sheet metal processing automation

When designing our systems, we take into account the possibility of later expansion of the entire installation to enable adaptation to the company’s development. Expansion is possible at the level of the storage system, which can be extended with further columns, as well as at the level of the laser automation system – we are currently conducting such expansion at our client at Ter Horst Metaaltechniek in the Netherlands.

The MultiTower automated storage system implemented 2 years ago at Ter Horst Metaaltechniek, a metalworking company, has a very important function in the complex machine park. On over 131 shelves with a total load capacity of 643,000 kg, metal sheets with a maximum size of 6 m x 2 m are stored. The MultiTower storage system is equipped with a stacker crane and two loading-unloading stations that facilitate the loading of metal sheets into the storage system and the collection of cut details. From the very beginning, the automated storage system has been integrated with a Durma laser cutting machine for metal sheets measuring 6 m x 2 m.

Due to the increase in production, it was decided to implement another laser cutting machine, this time for sheets with a maximum dimension of 3 m x 1.5 m and connect it to the automated storage system using the MultiLoader system, which will be responsible for efficiently transporting the material to the laser cutting machine and receiving the cut parts.

Automation of the laser cutting machine from Baumalog – a system that increases production efficiency

Guaranteeing a fast and efficient material flow, as well as loading and unloading the laser cutting machine, is made possible by an automation system. At Ter Horst Metaaltechniek, we are currently implementing a MultiLoader system that will be responsible for:

  • the efficient flow of raw metal sheets 3 m x 1.5 m with a maximum thickness of 25 mm from the automated storage system to the laser cutting machine
  • loading and unloading of the laser cutting machine
  • return of cut parts from the storage system

An additional feature of the system is the duo station, which is responsible for the smooth flow of material from the storage to the transport system, which takes place on two levels.

Integration with laser cutting machine

We adapt our systems to the needs of our clients. We are able to integrate with a laser cutting machine from practically every manufacturer. At Ter Horst Metaaltechniek, the automation system is integrated with the Durma HD F(L) 3015 IV laser software, which is responsible for managing the material processing queue. Baumalog Smart WMS software is responsible for controlling the operation of the storage system itself. Connections to laser cutting machines of different brands do not reduce the quality of the overall process.

The introduction of an automation system for the laser cutting machine at Ter Horst Metaaltechniek is a solution that fits perfectly with the company’s requirements and allows for efficient production in the long term.

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