EuroBlech exhibition in Hanover – MonoTower automated storage system presented by Baumalog

Presentation of the MonoTower system, which allows the storage of long-load products (rods, profiles or pipes etc.) and metal plates, boards, laminates, as well as pallets and many other items with large masses and dimensions – this was the main goal of Baumalog’s visit at the 25th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition, EuroBLECH 2018. During the exhibition, interested customers could talk about the offer with the company’s representatives. I was also possible to ask the designers about the details of construction solutions and the technical parameters of the solutions built by Baumalog.

As part of the fair a set consisting of the MonoTower combined with the laser cutter and the loading and unloading system was presented.

The MonoTower system consists of one storage column and one transport column in which the elevator moves. Its task is to move the shelves from the loading station and transport the shelves from the storage column to the loading station. The MonoTower allows you to store a large amount of materials on a small area and use the available hall height together with quick and easy access to stored items.


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