Baumalog at ITM Industry Europe 2024

This year, we will be exhibiting at ITM Industry Europe, which will take place from 4-7 June 2024 at the Poznan International Fair.

What can you learn about at our stand?

During the trade fair, our team of specialists will tall about the importance of automation in innovative production systems and the integration of machines into consistent, high-performance systems. Our solutions, which we will present during the fair, such as the SmartFlow System, allow production to become independent of the constant need for operator control and the execution of many repetitive, inefficient tasks. Using examples of our systems and recent implementations, we will talk about how to build a complex production system in line with the idea of Industry 4.0, which is responsible for the entire process – from the reception of material into the automated storage system, through effective storage, the flow of material to processing machines such as laser cutting machines to the reception of finished parts to the designated areas.

At our stand, there will be the opportunity to see a 3D model of the SmartFlow System, which shows the integration of an automated TransferTower and MonoTower storage system together with two laser cutting machines, which are operated by an automated MultiLoader loading and unloading system. With the moving parts of the SmartFlow System model, any viewer can see how our systems are constructed according to available space, production needs and machine set-up.

The ITM Industry Europe trade fair is the perfect time to discuss the latest manufacturing solutions on the market. In an era of dynamic development and the use of new technologies and innovations in manufacturing companies, awareness of the opportunities and their appropriate application is key to building a competitive advantage.

Visit us at ITM and find out how much automation can change your business! See you there!


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