The Kostrzewa company is an enterprise producing heating boilers and pellet burners. In order to improve the flow of materials, a central steel plates warehouse was established at the company’s headquarters. Due to the need to organize the warehouse space, it was decided to purchase one and four-rows automatic storage system, which enabled quick and easy access to sheets in three sizes. As a result of the tender, a solution offered by Baumalog was chosen – MonoTower and TwinTower automated storage systems, delivering components to the operator in under 2 minutes.

As part of the first installation, a 6 meter tall MonoTower automated storage system with a load capacity of over 86 tons was implemented. It has 27 moving shelves inside, one storage column and a transport column in which the elevator moves. Its task is to move (pick / unload) shelves to the indicated level of storage. At the machine there is a crane with a vacuum holder that allows the transport of sheet metal between the MonoTower and the sheet bending press.

The second machine is a double TwinTower automated storage system with a height of over 9 meters and a load capacity of over 444 tons, consisting of four storage columns and two transport columns, in which elevators move, whose task is to collect and store 139 shelves (in 59 of them the maximum height of storing sheets is 90 mm, another 80 has a useful height of 150 mm) in the appropriate guides. Loading of sheet packets into shelves is carried out using a mobile station equipped with a hydraulic lift that allows depalletizing of sheet packets. In order to control the supply of raw sheets, the loading station is equipped with a scale with a range of up to 3,500 kg and an accuracy of 2,5 kg. Moving the shelves between the two TwinTower shelves takes place thanks to a mobile station moving under the rear storage columns. This station is also responsible for unloading shelves. The loading and unloading station operates in automatic mode. Rack control is carried out using two operator panels equipped with color touch screens.

All shelves (each measuring 3100 x 1550 mm, load capacity 3200 kg) were made as a frame with an openwork bottom and with 10 rods screwed on the circumference (as protection against sheet slipping).

MonoTower and TwinTower automatic storage systems are equipped with MS-12 control software. It is responsible for managing the transport of shelves, and in addition to the standard search capabilities of articles according to indexes or names and the exchange of information between the shelving database and information storage system (WMS), it also has extensive self-diagnostic functions, especially important for rapid response in the event of a fault.

More information (including photos) about the implementation: “Warehousing of steel plates“.

Baumalog is a Polish engineering company that has been designing and manufacturing automatic storage and transport systems since 2011. Its solutions are used by clients from Poland as well as from many European countries (including Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Italy). Baumalog is also an authorized dealer of the Italian company Modula – a manufacturer of Modula automatic lifts.