Summary of the STOM-metal processing fair in Kielce

In the last week of March, we took part in the STOM-metal processing fair, which took place at Kielce. At one of the largest industrial industry events in Poland, we presented our latest solutions in the field of sheet metal processing automation and their benefits for the production and storage process. A 3D model of our latest solution – SmartFlow System – was used to illustrate the proces of material flow.

Industry 4.0 at the Baumalog stand

Innovative industry changes the role of man in the production process. Modern solutions allow for taking over tasks that were performed by a human by different elements of an automatic system. The SmarFlow System from Baumalog is fully responsible for the flow of material during production – from loading the automatic storage system, through effective material flow, loading and unloading the laser cutting machine, to segregation of finished elements to end stations or their return to the storage system. The key role in the entire process is played by software that allows for the effective operation of several connected devices. The process can be monitored from the control panel, which provides ongoing data on the production process and the technical condition of the device.

At our stand during the 4-day edition of the STOM-blech & cutting fair we were talking about how the metal industry is changing and what role modern automation plays in it. During the expo, we presented the 3D SmartFlow System model, which showed the possibilities of integrating automatic storage systems with automation for laser cutting machines. The 3D model allowed to visualize the complexity of the system and its functionalities, which aroused the interest of visitors.

Modula SLIM at the STOM Expo

At the STOM expo at the Modula stand, our specialists presented the main utilities of storing materials in automatic horizontal storage systems. In the center of the stand there was a Modula SLIM equipped with additional accessories that improve the accuracy of picking, such as a laser pointer and an alphanumeric LED bar. The SLIM model is characterized by exceptional compactness – it allows you to store up to 25 tons of material on 3 m2.

The STOM expowas a great opportunity to present how automatic storage systems can improve the system of work in a warehouse and how they can save up to 90% of valuable storage space. Modula storage systems also enable ongoing control of stock levels and safe and orderly storage of materials of various weights and sizes.

We are glad that we could once again take part in the STOM-metal processing fair. Thank you for every meeting, interesting discussions and the opportunity to make new connections. See you at the next event!

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